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Blog for the Religious Education Program.

Virtual Trunk or Treat

Everyone is invited to decorate your car, house, bedroom, self, pet, etc…. and then snap a picture and send it to me for posting on the RE blog pages. We’ll start with some pictures from years past…



Build It!

Each Saturday from 4:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. we gather at the K-State Intramural Fields (corner of Denison and Kimball). The fields provide a lovely opportunity for kids to run off energy, fly kites, or explore for bugs while maintaining good distance. Extremely good distance! … read more.

Book Lending Library

I am blessed to live in a house with many books. If you’re tired of digital media and wish the library would reopen so you and your kids could get some books, well, I’ve got some to share.

The list isn’t particularly organized and it’s … read more.

Scavenger Hunt warm-up…

Can you find…

1. Something very soft
2. A toy with 3 different colors
3. A movie that has “S” in the title
How about these…
1. A stick that is longer than your hand
2. Something you love to play with
3. Something that is brown
How about … read more.

Classes have been busy…

The PreK-1st Grade class had a lovely time on Sunday, with four regulars and one special visitor. We all enjoyed the book, “Stick and Stone,” talked about friendship and kindness and being a helper, colored some pictures, played a bit, and capped it off with … read more.

Tour Inside Our Body

Jen Thomsen shared a book about our bodies and then we got to listen to our hearts! Wow, our bodies are loud!

Then we exercised…

and listened to our hearts again…

They beat faster!

Tour up Mount Whitney

Clara and Mark Mayfield took us on a tour up Mount Whitney. We watched a video and looked at pictures while we snacked on homemade trail mix.  

Making trail mix.
Lots of pictures.
Taking a virtual hike.
Answering questions.


Tour of our own Creativity

Cathy taught us a wonderful mantra for creative thinking: “If I don’t make it, it might never exist!”

We did several creativity flexing exercises

and then… we created our own worlds! Here are some of our drawings…


Here are the chips and the final results of our ChampionChip Tournament. Thanks to all for your participation!