Jonalu’s Journal – Nov 2020

Only a few more days until the election is over!

Except, probably, not really.  Our nation is so deeply divided that it’s a good bet that there will be recounts and court appeals and who knows what else.  Remarkably, the idea of a peaceful transition of power has been rejected by one side.  We may witness major political shifts.  Likely, reactions to the results, whatever they are, will be strong.  Whatever happens, some people will be angry.  The last presidential election stimulated people to pour into the streets, and that will probably happen again, though the circumstances will determine who will be marching.  And we don’t know where it might happen.  In recent civil unrest, unlike 2016, we’ve had more confrontations between different sides, even violent confrontations.  So, the notion of street protests can feel dangerous.

As ministerial colleagues have reminded me recently, this may not be about where we are going, but rather what is coming.  As Rev Rod Richards put it: “How do we remain flexible enough to respond to whatever may occur, and courageous enough to be proactive in creating a context of compassionate engagement for whatever happens?”

Whatever happens, we need to keep breathing and maintain calm.  At the same time, we need to support our values in the public square.  Holding stillness and action in tension, and relying not on ourselves alone, but on one another.

We need one another.  We need to be together.  And we need to know that it’s not just our congregation.  We need support from larger communities. Here are some opportunities to connect:

  • UU Election DAY Prayers and Spiritual Practices – Tuesday, November 3, 9 am-9 pm.  40 UU ministers will offer prayers and spiritual practices to keep your spirits up.  You can log in any time on Zoom at
  • UU Open Space, Election Night, Tuesday, November 3, 8-11 pm, – UU’s from across the country gather on Zoom for community, company, and comfort.
  • Post-Election Interfaith Prayer Vigil – A silent witness to solidarity in person. Manhattan City Park, Thursday, November 5 (and weekly as long as we need it) 12 -1 pm. Facebook event here. Weekly spiritual practices will be posted on the event page.

I encourage you to find ways to keep yourself grounded and ways to connect with others as we move through this challenging time for our nation.

In faith and freedom,          Jonalu

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