Jonalu’s Journal – July 2020

Amidst the intensity of national and world events, I don’t always know how to respond, or even what is going on. The reactions to the murder of George Floyd and the on-going violence against Black lives have intensified … In the midst of a pandemic … read more.

Jonalu’s Journal – June 2020

I wish a lot more people would embrace not knowing.  I say that both to those who embrace the dominant narrative, as well as to those who hew to dissenting ones.  What information might we be blocking out, in order to maintain the integrity of … read more.

Compassion (June 2020)

It might seem like one of our easier monthly themes.  After all, compassion sounds … well, nice.  It conjures up a bunch of warm feelings.  Images come to mind of people telling each other they are keeping them in their thoughts.  It would seem to … read more.

Jonalu’s Journal – May 2020

We know that the world we return to from the domain of coronavirus isolation will not be the same as the world we left.  We were already feeling on the cusp of something new–too soon to know whether new would be good or bad.  With … read more.

Thresholds (May 2020)

When encountering thresholds, we often talk as if our work is that of successfully “passing through” them.  We speak of “making healthy transitions.”  We seek out advice and support as we decide which thresholds to lean into and which to resist.  The goal, it would … read more.

Caring Letter

Dear Friends,

In these days of isolation, some people may be craving interaction and contact.  Others may be simply afraid for their health.  Our Caring Team has been reaching out and contacting some of you, but the needs may be greater than that.  I’m writing to … read more.

Liberation (April 2020)

True wisdom comes in understanding that sometimes, you are both the prison and the key.        — Johnathan Jena

Jena is right. Liberation is much more complicated than we usually tell ourselves. It would be so much easier if life really was divided up neatly between the … read more.