Community Read

5 Feb 2018
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Manhattan Public Library Auditorium

Our city needs a stronger interfaith presence.  We’ll only get that by training interfaith leaders, and Eboo Patel, founder and President of the Interfaith Youth Core (, has written The Interfaith Leader:  A Primer  to help us do that.  We have books available for purchase here at the Fellowship, and also at UFM, 1221 Thurston Street.  The Manhattan Public Library has a few copies available for check out.  Manhattan Nonviolence Initiative is co-sponsoring the read, as part of this year’s Season for Nonviolence.  Join us on February 5, at 7 pm, at the library for a discussion.  Encourage others you know from other religious traditions–and none–to come along.  Learn more from Jonalu at

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