27 Jan 2019
10:45 AM - 12:00 PM

Reframing Signs:  Finding Meaning within Mixed Messages

We are joined by Lara Pollock from the UU Church of Wichita.  Lara is the daughter of retired UU minister Greta Crosby, an intuitive healer, a licensed acupuncturist and adjunct instructor for WSU’s class on Complementary and Alternative Medicine.  We encounter various signs in our daily lives.  Some convey messages which align with our personal philosophy, and some signs send unharmonious messages.  We can choose how to respond to unkind signs we see throughout the day.  We can blindly accept them, we can reject them entirely and subsequently foster an internal knot of resentment, or we can creatively reframe them into messages that resonate with our personal belief system.  Convener is Mark Clarke at ibyte64@gmail.com.

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