10 Nov 2017
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Mennonite property (vacant lot)

The Manhattan Mennonites, through Dave Redmon, have invited us to join them in their Witness for Peace, during Manhattan’s annual Veterans (Armistice) Day parade. The gathering will start at 9 am, on Friday, November 10, at the northeast end of the Mennonite property (vacant lot) at 821 Poyntz. Besides the peace witness, there will be information for veterans and GI’s on obtaining free mental health and medical exams, especially related to PTSD or other ill effects of military service, through the GI Rights Hotline (also sponsored thru the UUFM Social Action Committee) and the Civilian Medical Resources Network.  Learn more from Jonalu Johnstone at revjonalu @ uufm.net.

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