Upcoming Services

Sunday morning services begin at 10:45 am, at the Fellowship building, 481 Zeandale Road in Manhattan (get directions).

December 2017 Services

Our theme in December explores What Does It Mean to be a People of Hope?

December   3   “From Despair to Hope: Radical Reversal”

Reverend Jonalu Johnstone speaks. True hope, theologically speaking, runs much deeper than “I hope you have a happy holiday.” Hope aims for more than a specific wish or simply glossing over troubles. We don’t need hope when times are good. How, though, do we find it when we do need it–in the depths of despair? Can we banish deep sadness and helplessness by rediscovering hope? Special music, as well as words, will help trace the ways. Convener is Dick Beeman at rbeeman@cox.net.

December 10   Kansas Pulpit Exchange

Rev Sarah Oglesby-Dunegan, of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Topeka, will join us this morning. Jessica Sievers convenes, and may be reached at sieversj@gmail.com.

During the December 10 service, UUFM Board Chair Courtney Albin and Board officers will report on our Developmental Ministry and progress toward our developmental goals. Learn more on pages 3 and 7 of the December newsletter.

Following the December 10 service, stay for the fun at our Holiday Craft and Bake Sale. Learn more on page 5 of the December newsletter.

December 17   “Longing in the Darkness for Hope

Reverend Jonalu Johnstone guides this service. This Holiday Music Sunday will feature “I Heard the Bells,” “No Time to Diet,” and the perennial favorite, “December’s Keep,” as we continue to explore our longings for hope in the darkest season of the year. Convener is Tom Phillips at 405 twp1@ksu.edu.

December 24   “Christmas Eve in the Morning”

Reverend Jonalu Johnstone presents this service. There will be no evening Christmas Eve this year, so we’ll celebrate Christmas Eve in the morning. A multi-generational celebration, we’ll sing the songs the children have learned during December, offer seasonal readings and inspiration, and light candles for “Silent Night.” Bring cookies to share after the service. Convener is Elke Lorenz at elkelorenz9@gmail.com.

December 31   “Honoring Those Who Died in 2017

Several members will present remembrances of friends and public figures–some famous persons and others whose contributions to the arts, public policy, sports, etc., will long outlive them.  Michael Oldfather, who may be reached at mou812@ksu.edu, coordinates the service.

There is no scheduled Coffee and Greeting team on December 31.  Please make a point to notice new visitors and help them feel welcome.  After the service, check to see how you can help in the kitchen.


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