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Sunday morning services begin at 10:45 am, at the Fellowship building, 481 Zeandale Road in Manhattan (get directions).

July 2017 Services

July 30         “Ethical Eating”

Christopher Renner, Carol Barta, and Elaine Mohr join us.  Unitarian Universalists pay attention to the impact of our involvement in the food system.  Ethical eating recognizes the moral consequences of food choices.  How we raise, buy, and consume food has direct effects on the earth, ecosystem, and humans who work to make our food available.  The Slow Food movement mirrors the UU commitment to environmental justice, working to preserve traditional and regional cuisine and encourage locally sustainable farming.  Convener is Christopher Renner at renner1974@gmail.com.


August 2017 Services

August  6   “A Tender Time or Tinderbox? Lessons from General Assembly”

Rev Jonalu Johnstone speaks.  This year’s Unitarian Universalist General Assembly elected a woman president for the first time, struggled with understandings of race and culture, mourned the death of a moderator and resignations of key personnel, heard a lecture by attorney Bryan Stevenson, author of Just Mercy, and reached out to the community of New Orleans to proclaim that Love Resists.  Jonalu will report on a variety of actions and feelings coming out of GA. Convener is Kathleen Oldfather at kjoldfather@gmail.com.

August  13  “Escalating Inequality:  Here and Beyond”

Rev Jonalu Johnstone reflects.  The expression “the rich get richer and the poor get poorer” has never been more true than in recent decades in the US.  The UUA 2014-2018 Congregational Study Action Issue focuses on the growing inequality of wealth and income in the US.  A moral economic system would do more to eradicate inequality based on race and gender, increase access to goods and services, especially necessities like housing and health care, and so much more.  The GA approved this Statement of Conscience, and there is now a year for implementation in our congregations.  How might we address these issues in our community? Jessica Sievers, at sieversj@gmail.com, convenes.

August  20  “The Corruption of Our Democracy”

Rev Jonalu Johnstone considers the fifth UU Principle, which asserts our commitment as a movement to democratic process and principles within our nation, as well as in our congregations.  The UUA 2016-2020 Congregational Study Action Issue invites us to consider how corporate personhood and money as speech affect and undermine the democratic values we prize.  With voting rights under attack and voting districts gerrymandered to benefit incumbents, do we need a moral political revolution?  What might that look like? Convener is Ana Franklin at yogaconnection@gmail.com.

August  27   “The Joy of Small Things”

Jack Gaede, Intern Minister from All Souls UU Church in Kansas City, joins us.  In the chaos, bustle, hurry, and joy of the summer season, where are you finding peace, stillness, and simplicity?  Many of our poets and teachers speak of small things–of the mundane, and they often find such joy and contentment there.  What are the small things in your life?  Where do you find your simple joys?  Convener is Elke Lorenz at elkelorenz9@gmail.com.


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