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Sunday morning services begin at 10:45 am, at the Fellowship building, 481 Zeandale Road in Manhattan (get directions).

July 2017 Services

July   2         “A Free Nation?”

Rev Jonalu Johnstone speaks.  As we approach the Independence Day holiday, we consider what it means to be a free nation. Across the political spectrum, citizens view the adjective “free” differently. Libertarians want no restraint. Liberals believe freedom has to apply equally to all. Conservatives expect a high level of personal responsibility, focused on defending the freedom of the nation. We’ll weigh the responsibilities and limitations of freedom, personal and national, and consider just how free a nation we live in. Contact Jonalu at revjonalu@uufm.net.

July   9         “A Free Church?”

Rev Jonalu Johnstone reflects.  At times UUism has been described as “a free church.” What does that mean? A free church is sometimes defined by its separation from the government, in contrast to an established state church. Others see it as a … church that [is] governed by its members, rather than by a hierarchy outside the church. Twentieth century UU theologian James Luther Adams proposed that a free church should be a … diverse church and … address a broad range of human issues. Our service will include a welcome of new members. Mark Clarke, at ibyte64@gmail.com, convenes.

July 16         “Holding Hands with Anger”

Rev Thea Nietfeld joins us.  Welcoming anger and sitting with it is something new for me, as I end my first year as a steady restorative justice practitioner.  The people who need what I do are mostly angry and I had to learn to accept the anger in the room in order to meet them where they are.  I look forward to a conversation with other UUs about this fashionable and hot emotion. Convener is Rev Jonalu Johnstone at revjonalu@uufm.net.

July 23         “Manhattan Nonviolence Initiative”

Susanne Glymour, Director of the Manhattan Nonviolence Initiative (through UFM), will join us.  Visit www.facebook.com/manhattannonviolence/ to learn more.  Convener is Tom Phillips at twp1@ksu.edu.

July 30         “Ethical Eating”

Christopher Renner, Carol Barta, and Elaine Mohr join us.  Unitarian Universalists pay attention to the impact of our involvement in the food system.  Ethical eating recognizes the moral consequences of food choices.  How we raise, buy, and consume food has direct effects on the earth, ecosystem, and humans who work to make our food available.  The Slow Food movement mirrors the UU commitment to environmental justice, working to preserve traditional and regional cuisine and encourage locally sustainable farming.  Convener is Christopher Renner at renner1974@gmail.com.


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