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How Not To Fit In

May 6th, Welcoming Congregation Service: Slawomir Dobrzanski, a fellowship member, shares his insights gained from living a life true to one’s convictions shaped by living as a minority within a minority. His life lessons help us to celebrate our status as a congregation which welcomes diversity, including … read more.

Young Adults Group

A Young Adults Group is forming at UUFM, to bring young adults together and simply have fun. We plan to gather socially and the activity and location will change. At the first gathering, we’ll work out the details with a pizza party at Matt and … read more.

Can We Change The Conversation?

In the March issue of the Kansas Electric Cooperatives magazine, while it devotes much of this issue to birding in our state, (a very good thing) to my surprise has an article addressing the problem of the negative conversations that occur about important political and cultural … read more.


This Sunday’s service, February 12th, encourages us to contemplate the relationship between the wisdom of how true love cannot exist without equality and the continued struggle for women to have rights equal to those that men enjoy. Unitarian Universalism has worked to support equal rights … read more.

Upcoming Pagan events …

UUFM’s PAGAN FRIENDSHIP CIRCLE gathers on Saturday, January 7, at the Fellowship.  Come be with us for the January Full Moon Esbat, as Morrigan Oran of the Manhattan Goddess Circle leads a full moon circle.  We begin at 5 pm with a potluck meal.

Future Pagan … read more.

UUFM Drum Circle

The UUFM DRUM CIRCLE gathers on Friday, January 13, at 7 pm, in the Fellowship’s Inez Alsop room.  UUFM members, friends, and the community, beginners and regulars, and those of all ages are welcome.  We do multi-cultural drumming and love learning new songs.  Bring your … read more.

Come One, Come All

We will celebrate our second Christmas Eve Service at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship at 7 pm, this Saturday. It will be a time of singing, celebrating the birth of what we hold dear and bringing light that leads us into the new year.

Burke and Indigo … read more.