Sunday morning services begin at 10:45 am, at the Fellowship building, 481 Zeandale Road in Manhattan (get directions).

Words Fail

Jonalu Johnstone reflects, “Awe is a response where we are so bowled over that words fail.  And yet, we keep trying–transcendent, unparalleled, mystical, numinous.  Since philosopher and psychologist William James tackled the subject of ‘The Varieties of Religious Experiences’ more than a hundred … read more.

The Holidays: Awesome or Awful?

With Solstice and Hanukkah here and Christmas coming, what can we appreciate and what can we let go of?  What’s going well this season?  What are you dreading?  Together, let’s make the holidays more awesome by coming together.  Jessica Sievers, at, … read more.

Farewell 2019: R.I.P.

Michael Oldfather and his wrecking crew lead discussion, make presentations, and entertain comments to remember the highlights and low-lights of the soon-to-be lamented and/or unlamented year passing into history.  One might think of the service as Joys and Concerns, together with eulogies, some … read more.