Sunday morning services begin at 10:45 am, at the Fellowship building, 481 Zeandale Road in Manhattan (get directions).

Tools for Resilience

Rev Jonalu Johnstone reflects, “UU minister Dawn Fortune recently reminded me, ‘Sometimes resilience is not glorious; it’s just making breakfast.’ The tools may be every day and ordinary, but they help us survive, even in times when we are struggling the most. We’ll … read more.

Practicing Resilience in the Face of Climate Change

Judy Nickelson and members of the UUFM Racial Justice Team present this service. We can’t know exactly how climate change will play out but we know that there are things we can do to prepare ourselves and our community. Find out how we … read more.

You’ll Never Be the Same: The Body Knows

Rev Jonalu Johnstone presents this service.  To understand resilience, we need to understand trauma.  When we survive something traumatic–injury, illness, loss, betrayal–the body stores the memory and doesn’t let it go.  We are never again the same.  How do we profit from resilience … read more.

We Were Not Meant to Survive

Rev Jonalu Johnstone reflects, “The title is taken from Audre Lorde’s poem Litany for Survival.  In this Black History Month, what can we learn about resilience from some of the greatest black writers–especially Audre Lorde, whose birthday was February 18, and Toni Morrison, … read more.