Thanksgiving Love

Late last fall Kim Belanger snapped this shot on the creek bed that’s across the meadow in front of our home. It is the only time we have posed for a couples photo. Even though we fell in love in the dark ages, none of our families had a photo of us on their wall. We didn’t want an airbrushed shot or something that idealized our lives. We wanted to be seen in peoples homes in a way that feels true to our history, true to who we are and where we live. One friend’s son asked, “Why aren’t they holding hands?” Our hands were cold, but we’re leaning into one another.

Love sometimes pools, sometimes it flows and floods. Charles and I are grateful for the mysterious pull that not only keeps us together, but focuses our love in ways that deliver us into a realm of tenderness that helps breakdown barriers for ourselves and others.

May love, whatever its source, move with tenderness in your life…

May we be thankful for the generosity of goodwill that flows from our Fellowship community inwards and outwards.


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