PNO Valentine’s Day

We loved Parents’ Night Out on Friday. The theme for the night was Valentine’s Day. We made Valentine’s cards for UUFM Meadowlark Hills residents. Then we had mini cupcakes with pink icing. After dessert, we practiced three songs to sing at our Meadowlark Hills Valentine’s Party next Saturday. The kids even came up with motions for the words. Then we played chain tag. The person who was “it” chased the rest of us and as soon as s/he tagged someone that person linked arms with the chain. By the end of the game a lot of people were trying to run together. It was pretty funny. After the game, we watched Gnomeo and Juliet, a gnome-version of the classic Shakespeare tale, Romeo and Juliet. While we watched some of us finished the Valentine’s cards. When the movie was over, we played tag, had a dance party, and cleaned up. It was a great night for RE bonding!

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