Gardening Family Fun Event

We had a wonderful time planting our RE garden and preparing for the plant sale on Saturday. The weather cooperated beautifully ā€“ it was sunny and lovely on Saturday and then after our plants were in the ground, it rained. Yay for good luck!

A big thank you to Matt and Jen Campbell who built the raised bed for us. It made our job on Saturday much easier!

We started our garden by prepping the ground ā€“ Christy brought an awesome tool that helped us strip the ground of all weeds. I loved it! After we got rid of the weeds, we loosened up the top soil. Then we added special soil Michael procured for us from a local farmer. After the raised bed was ready, we put in the plants given to us by Elaine Mohr of Southside Gardens and the Bonella family. We planted tomatoes, eggplant, kale, swiss chard, basil, and bell peppers. We also planted marigolds along the outside to help with bugs. It looks beautiful!

While one group was working on the raised bed, another group was inside creating posters for our plant sale. Indigo and Connor worked diligently on creating beautiful signs advertising our sale and all of the different plants we had. They did an amazing job.

It was not all work and no play, though. We took breaks to fly a Spiderman kite and kick a soccer ball.

Gardening is fun!! Iā€™m so excited to see our plants grow and eat the bounty!

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