May 27: End of School-Year Classes

The nursery had a good day Sunday. The little ones were all smiles. They had a dance party to celebrate the end of their year together and then went outside to play.
The pre-K class had an end-of-year party complete with cupcakes! They remembered all the good times and thought ahead to summer. Talk about fun!
The K-2nd graders reviewed the 7 principles.  They each chose their favorite one, wrote it out, and drew pictures, too.  They talked about how their families use each principle in every day life.  Ronan said in his family they use the 1st  one because everyone gets to participate! Nick said everyone helps each other learn…and noted that it is important in life to help others, like with reading, etc.  Every kiddo participated!
The 3rd-6th graders got to have their “fire day” as promised.  They collected and sorted the wood and piled it on top of paper.   Some even learned to strike a match for the first time. They learned the wind would burn up the starter paper too quickly, and they used kindling wood instead.  The kids got to make charcoal with Larry and drew pictures with it!  Conner drew a charcoal sword.
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