June 3: Bon Voyage

Sunday! What a great party! Every kid had a blast, and I have to admit, I did as well. As Aimee and I were trying to help four kids play the water balloon game I had prepared, four little guys had the time of their lives playing with and popping the remaining balloons! Cory, you go girl, crawling in the bounce house and having a jumping-good-time. It’s things like this that have a lasting effect on our kids. Adults willing to play WITH them….priceless. Sponge toss was better this year than last even! Who knew they would just prefer to bomb each other with sponges….And Face painting!!! AWESOME, not only was it fun for them to hang with Kim, but it turned out to also be an exercise in trust. William let Kaia paint his face (she did a great job)! Some adults let kids paint them (I just wasn‘t one of the brave ones), and then there was Jocelyn…my little love bug who made herself a “cat”…with black paint (Meeeow Meeooow she said). She wore it all afternoon. In fact, all four of our kids wore their face paints with pride, pride of their belonging to a place. A “great” place, as they say – where even Michael Oldfather gets silly with cookies, Cory becomes five again, a magic bowl of wiggly water bombs is reachable, and everyone can be transformed with paint! It’s a place where Sloane and Jocelyn can share lunch outside, where William can disappear out front without my heart popping out. It’s a place where all the children belong to all of us, and we to them. We are a family, and nothing makes it clearer than moments like these.

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