Sunday’s RE classes enjoyed a little bit of lessons and a lot of snow time!

The 6-8 grade class … Six young women in the 6-8 class this week! After a quick recap of the month, we discussed Robert’s Rules of Order – why these rules exist and how they work in practice. We read a little skit outlining a UU Board meeting which was made all the more exciting by British accents! We also discussed how this type of meeting process could be fair or unfair. Then a little sledding!

– – – – –

The 3-5 grade students had a short lesson and then – outside with the sleds!

– – – – –

The K-2 class joined with the pre-K students and discussed animals until the calling of the snow got too loud and they bundled up and enjoyed themselves outside.

– – – – –

The Nursery  was very busy with 6 babies/infants!

– – – – –

Snow day!

Lot’s of kids enjoyed the snow!

Sledding fun!

Here we go, down the hill!

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