Fall 2013

It’s Winter and our UU children are enjoying the World Religions curriculum.

7th-9th grade class  РMarisa Larson and Ken and Pat Embers have been meeting with these students and are discussing various aspects of Far Eastern religions with an emphasis on Buddhism.

3rd-6th grade class РStudents have been discussing Earth  Religions and their connections with nature and Native American viewpoints.

K-2nd grade class – Students have been easing into the World Religions curriculum with discussions about sacred places.

Pre-K class – Pre-K kids have been familiarizing themselves with our own sacred place, the fellowship, and learning about our special UU symbols, especially the flaming chalice.

Nursery – Infants and toddlers have been busy exploring with all their senses. Toys feel good and taste good! Story books look and sound wonderful. And all the kids smell delightful.

(Read about all the adventures on the RE blog.)

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