Brazil – World Cup Fever

Today we got ready for the World Cup by brushing up on info about Brazil.  We borrowed Ken’s “bingo” idea and played Brazil Bingo. What fun! We finished up with a little bit of indoor soccer and a bite of mango. A few brave souls even tried a sip or two of coffee.

Did you know there’s a fabulous hotel in Brazil built among the Amazon treetops? The Ariau Amazon Towers Hotel was inspired by Jacques Cousteau’s prophetic words: “The war of the future will be between those who defend nature and those who destroy it. The Amazon will be in the eye of the hurricane. Scientists, politicians, and artists will land here to see what is being done to the forest.” Many thanks to Sandy Chastan for donating a subscription to “Cousteau Kids” for all the RE kids. If you weren’t with us on Sunday, be sure to pick up your copy in the Jupiter Room.

After class we – of course – took a peek at the bee hive and WE FOUND THE QUEEN! (Okay, a young person found the queen and pointed it out to all the older folk. Thank goodness for young, clear eyes.)  It was very exciting to watch her bustle about the hive.

Through Tom’s bee mentor, Bob Brandenburg, we’ve been introduced to two VERY informative YouTube videos about the waggle dance that the bees perform. After checking them out you’ll want to look at the hive again:

Click on any photo to enlarge.


Tasting mango


Writing postcards and reviewing Cousteau Kids


The queen!


Week two

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