Musicale/Welcome Home


A big thanks to everyone for participating in the Musicale on the 24th! It was a great way to wrap up our summer program. I especially enjoyed the ABC song and One More Step (thanks Kathleen O for the guitar accompaniment). One More Step was written by UU songwriter and singer Joyce Poley.  People marching for social change often sing as they walk along together.  When UUs sing songs like “One More Step,” we are promising each other that we will keep on taking steps in the struggle for freedom, fairness, and peace. 

Here are the great lyrics…

One more step,
we will take one more step,
’til there is peace for us and ev- ry- one,
we’ll take one more step.

One more word, 
we will say one more word,
’till every word is heard by ev- ry- one,
we’ll say one more word.

One more prayer,
we will say one more prayer,
’til every prayer is shared by ev- ry- one, 
we’ll say one more prayer.

One more song,
we will sing one more song,
’til every song is sung by ev – ry – one,
we’ll sing one more song.

Welcome Home

Our Welcome Home Party was tons of fun. We shared stories about our summer vacations, played games and puzzles, and everybody won at the “cake” walk! Thanks Kathleen O for baking all those yummy brownies!

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