Tour of Pillsbury Crossing

Many thanks to a host of folk for their help with the canoe trip to Pillsbury Crossing.
Larry Weaver, Dan Swenson, Brent Garrison, Marisa Larson, Jess Martin, Kristan Corwin, Molly McGaughey, Krista Daniels, and Daniel Rolles were all the muscles of the trip. The kids had time to explore the crossing as 7 canoes and 2 kayaks were unloaded and launched. Only one canoe tipped but Brent and Jocelyn looked very graceful flipping over. Lea and Rylee swapped seats successfully! Some of our strongest paddlers went pretty far out on Deep Creek. When we returned we had time to take a refreshing dip. Logan, Katie, and Lily got to take turns trying Molly’s kayak with Molly in the water guiding Logan and Katie. Lily didn’t need that help! A walk over to the waterfall with Larry capped off the day.


Our merry group minus 5 folk already at Pillsbury.


Getting ready to climb aboard.


It’s easy when Jess does all the work!


A little post canoe fun.

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