A Community of Risk

This is a congregation of risk.

Pursuing developmental ministry a couple years ago was a risk, a well-calculated thoroughly planned risk, but a risk nonetheless. Each time someone speaks from our pulpit revealing something of themselves, they take a risk, make themselves a little bit vulnerable. Each time someone joins a protest or writes a letter to the editor or to an elected official, they take a risk putting their opinion out in a public realm. Currently, we have a Strategic Planning Committee looking at options for the future in relation to our building; that, too, will involve risk.

We cannot live our lives without some risk. Nor can our fellowship exist and evolve without risk. Responsible risk requires conviction, commitment, and courage. Conviction means we have something we believe in enough to risk. Commitment funnels that conviction into action. Courage keeps us moving forward even when we are afraid or second-guessing ourselves.

The fellowship calls us to each of those qualities – conviction, commitment and courage. Though Unitarian Universalism does not require particular beliefs, it does expect you to consider your beliefs carefully and to own them fully. UU’s support strong convictions. We also believe those convictions need to funnel into commitment. Commitment can be to a person or people, to an ideal, to an action. Covenant, the foundation of our religious tradition, is one form of commitment, commitment to other people and to the fellowship iteself. Commitment is more than conviction; it is the carrying out of conviction. Finally, by continually seeing others feed their conviction into commitment, your own courage swells.

In faith and freedom,


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