April 2019


Sunday, April 21 – Easter

Join us following the Sunday morning service on April 21, for the Fellowship’s annual Easter Egg Hunt and Potluck Brunch.  Kids are invited to eat first and then gather in the Jupiter room for the start of egg hunting at about 12:15 pm.  If you’ve never seen the egg hunt–we do things a little different.  The hunt is not a free-for-all egg grab.  Instead, each plastic egg has a letter sticker on it and kids hunt for the secret word (SPRING).  Once they’ve found their six eggs they exchange them for a wide selection of fun Easter trinkets.  Each age group has a specific area in which to search.  Older kids have to really hunt for their eggs all the way up the hill.  Younger kids have an easier time of it around the flat areas.  Teens are encouraged to assist the younger children.  It’s always fun and no one goes home disappointed.

For the potluck brunch bring your favorite quiche, salad, side dish, casserole, yummy cinnamon rolls, fruit, pie, or whatever. We’ll need a few extra helpers for the clean up crew, so please contact Sandy Nelson if you are willing to help. It is especially helpful if you bring your own place-settings to this meal as that significantly lightens the load for those who run the dishwasher.

Saturday, April 13 – Pride Parade and Festival

Please join us for the 10th Annual Little Apple Pride Parade and Festival.  Let’s show the greater community that UUFM is here and supports the LGBTQ+ community! March with UUFM:  Be A Beacon … We need kids to help hold signs, ride bikes, and be colorful.  We’ll have lots of colorful crepe paper streamers to decorate bikes, trikes, wagons, and strollers.  Gather at the parking lot next to Dillard’s at 11:30 am.  The parade starts at noon.  Be sure to wear comfortable shoes and colorful clothing as we walk to City Park.  Bring your friends.  The more the merrier!


Our Whole Lives concludes this month for our 4th-6th grade students. Many thanks to all the families for your participation in this important program! If your family would like to participate in a future OWL course, please contact Sandy at 341-0135 or DRE@uufm.net.


It’s coming! It’s coming! The summer program is coming! Once again our Religious Education students travel around the world, learning new skills along the way, without ever leaving Kansas. Every week a new host from the Fellowship will take them on a “tour” of a… far-away place, new skill, imaginary or real life destination. UUFM World Travelers are looking for you. Our students would love to visit with you on a Sunday morning and learn all about one of your passions. Do you enjoy bird watching? Share your passion! Do you love to cook? Share your passion! Have you been on a cruise? Share the adventure with our children! A sampling of past “journeys” include: a trip through the Milky Way Galaxy, a search through the Amazon, a journey to Laos complete with Laos “bingo” as a learning tool, exploration of cave art, the world of bees, a tour of PIZZA! Got a seed of an idea? Tell me and together we’ll turn it into a whole program. It’s easy–just ask a few of the folks who have done it in the past: Tom and Monta Manney, Dick Beeman, Larry Weaver, Ken Embers, Sylvia Beeman, Mark Clarke, Brice Hobrock, Scott Tanona, Lily Colburn, Matt Campbell, Susan Adamchak … Let’s add your name to the list! If you’d like to host a “tour” or just help out as an extra adult in the room, please let me know. We have lots of slots to fill and always welcome volunteers. Learn more from Sandy Nelson at DRE@uufm.net.

This quarter is the time when elementary classes begin a focus on world religions in addition to the monthly themes. We hope to explore Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, and more. (4th quarter is the Summer Travelers program and then we start over. 1st quarter is Unitarian Universalism. 2nd quarter is Our Jewish and Christian Heritage.)

UUFM is looking for musical kids to play quiet music from 10:35 to 10:45 prior to service as people are entering the building and mingling. This is a perfect opportunity for young musicians to practice performing in a low pressure, supportive environment. Contact Renae or Sandy if you’re interested.

Yoga+Donuts happens on the first Sunday of every month at First Congregational church at 700 Poyntz. Winter is a great time to practice mindfulness, make new friends, and enjoy healthy physical activity indoors. Classes are led by a team of trained teachers and are free and open to the public. Donations to defray the cost of this public service are welcome. Caregivers are welcome to stay to observe or drop their kids and enjoy a free hour. More information and registration available on the Shining Light Yoga website or from Sandy.

Remember: all children must be registered for the 2018-2019 year and registration forms are available on the RE bulletin board at the end of the hallway as well as online at:  2018-19 Registration Form

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