The purpose of the Flint Hills GI Rights Hotline (FHGIR) is to help members of the military and their families understand their rights and options. Our service is free and private. We do not report to any military or government agency.

The Hotline accepts calls from any branch of the military and their families to give assistance regarding military regulation and options concerning the following issues:

  • Hardship Discharge
  • Medical Discharge
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Conscientious Objection
  • Entry Level Separation
  • Discrimination
  • Delayed Entry Program
  • GI Rights

Additional information can be obtained from thes National GI Rights Network –

The FHGIR presently consists of four lay- counselors and is supported by the UUFM Social Action Committee, Manhattan Alliance for Peace and Justice, Manhattan Mennonite Church, Sisters of St Joseph of Concordia, Southern Hills Mennonite Church, and Manhattan Friends Meeting.

The FHGIR is a full member of the national GI Rights Network hotline which routs calls from the area codes of Kansas and Oklahoma to the local FHGIR hotline.

To contact a counselor, call 1-877-477-4487


In February 2008 the UUFM Social Action Committee sponsored a training workshop with the goal of creating a hotline to provide accurate information on US military regulations and practices to service personnel, veterans, potential recruits and their families.

The national GI Rights Network encouraged this workshop due to there being no Hotlines over a several state area in the Midwest and our location next to the Ft Riley Army Base.

The two-day workshop held at the UUFM facility was attended by 25 people and co-sponsored by the Manhattan Alliance for Peace & Justice, the Manhattan Friends Meeting, the Manhattan Mennonite Church, The Prairie Center for Family Studies, and the Southern Hills Mennonite Church.

The workshop presentation was done by two lawyers and one lay-counselor, all very experienced with the national GI Rights Network.

From this event, several attendees committed themselves to receive further training and become counselors for a hotline to be located in Manhattan, Kansas. This group met frequently, studying workshop material and on-line resources. A phone system was set up, fliers created and a website created.
By fall, 2008 the Flint Hills GI Rights Hotline was officially functional.

The counselors continue to educate themselves, mentor with experienced counselors from the national GI Rights Network and attend training conferences.

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