Social Action Committee Meeting

The next meeting of the UUFM Social Action Committee will be Wednesday, July 2 at 7 pm at the UUFM Building.

The meeting will follow a potluck gathering of all UUFM at 6 pm.

We invite anyone interested in pursuing the justice values of Unitarian Universalism to attend and join in our efforts to act on our principles.

Information: contact Anne Cowan, Chair – 785-537-2025

The Tragedy of the World We Live In

One of the core questions of religion is why bad things happen, especially to good people. We seem to have more and more opportunities to ask that question.

Vans and trucks plowing into people on sidewalks. The shooting of political representatives at a baseball game. A fire in London. The on-going war in Syria. Police not held responsible for shooting innocent black people.

Terrorism, war, […]

Tour of Disc Golf

Many thanks to Billy Mitchel for taking us on a tour of disc golf. We had a grand time! First, he led the group in warm up activities and gave instruction for gripping, throwing, and course safety. Then we headed outside to try out our new found skill. Turns out, there’s a perfect tee-box at UUFM! It was hot, but we had a good time. […]

Beyond Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter activists continue to direct our attention towards black people, especially teenagers and young men, being shot by police. The latest story of the acquittal of former Tulsa police officer Betty Shelby for her shooting of Terence Crutcher reinforces the sense that justice will not be done in such cases. By the time you read this, another case, sadly, may have caught our […]

June 2017

Many thanks to EVERYONE for making the 2016-2017 RE program so successful. My thanks go out once again to all our volunteers and mentors.

School year teachers: Molly McGaughey (7-12 grade and teen OWL), Matt Sayre (3-6 grade), Katherine Colburn (K-2 grade), Megan Reece (nursery), Carolyn Ferguson (OWL 5-6), Christopher Renner (OWL 5-6), and Jen & Matt Campbell (teen OWL).

Summer World Traveler Tour Guides […]

Audio Archive, May 21 — Exploring Our Whole Lives

Fellowship member and Religious Education volunteer Molly McGaughey leads an exploration of how UU youth are encouraged to think about their bodies and their relationships in the Our Whole Lives (OWL) curriculum. Our convener is Jonalu Johnstone.

Letter to the Mercury

I have received an amazing amount of positive feedback from the community as well as the fellowship about this letter, published in May 8 Manhattan Mercury, so I am copying the letter here:

The noose found on campus Friday (May 5) disturbs and upsets me, as a Unitarian Universalist minister and as a person. More importantly, the reaction to it feels insufficient and dismissive, especially […]


May 12-13 UUFM welcomed many teens from across Kansas for the Spring UU Youth Cluster. After 22 hours of togetherness everyone still looks energetic!

And on Sunday we dedicated some of our youngest members.



Audio Archive, May 14 — The Miracles We Are: How Mother Nature Conspired to Create Us

We’ll take a non-traditional approach to Mother’s Day, using the metaphor of Mother Nature. How did we become who and what we are as human bodies? How have we been shaped as a human species and as the individuals we are? Our convener is Elke Lorenz.

Audio Archive, May 7 — Anabaptist Distinctives: What is a Mennonite?

Rev. Richard Gehring guides an exploration of the ideals and values of Mennonites. Our convener is Rev. Jonalue Johnstone.

Audio Archive, Apr. 30 — Immigration

Fellowship members and friends speak. The topic of immigration inflames political passions and touches real lives. The ACLU has proposed Freedom Cities, and the UUA is working on a New Sanctuary Movement. We’ll consider the economics of immigration, the local impact, and what actions we might take to live out our values. Presenters are Michael Oldfather, Slawomir Dobrzanski, Marie Bovee, and Christopher Renner. Our […]