Tour Inside Our Body

Jen Thomsen shared a book about our bodies and then we got to listen to our hearts! Wow, our bodies are loud!

Then we exercised…

and listened to our hearts again…

They beat faster!

September 2019


Thanks to everyone for providing a fun summer of “travel” for our students. Our “tours” included the Patagonia region of Chile (Susan Adamchak); China (Elke Lorenz); printmaking (Katie Kingery-Page and Lindsay Smith); Eukaryotic Cells (Taryn Cipra); Snack Chip ChampionChip (Sandy Nelson); our imagination (Cathy Hedge); … read more.

Tour up Mount Whitney

Clara and Mark Mayfield took us on a tour up Mount Whitney. We watched a video and looked at pictures while we snacked on homemade trail mix.  

Making trail mix.
Lots of pictures.
Taking a virtual hike.
Answering questions.


Jonalu’s Journal — August 2019

Almost every week, I see something that reminds me that religious affiliation in the US is consistently and rapidly dropping.  Nearly as many people identify as unaffiliated (22.8%) as Evangelical Protestant (25.4%), the largest group.  Most who identify as “nones,” that is, having no religious … read more.

Tour of our own Creativity

Cathy taught us a wonderful mantra for creative thinking: “If I don’t make it, it might never exist!”

We did several creativity flexing exercises

and then… we created our own worlds! Here are some of our drawings…

August 2019

August 4  Magical Mystery Tour with Sandy Nelson
August 11 Tour up Mount Whitney with Clara and Mark Mayfield
August 18 Tour inside our bodies with Jennifer Thomsen
August 25 Tour of The Gambia with Lily Colburn
Come join the fun!


Teen Lunch starts up … read more.


Here are the chips and the final results of our ChampionChip Tournament. Thanks to all for your participation! 


Tour of the Eukaryotic Cell

Taryn had us coloring, viewing a video, and squishing up blueberries so we could extract blueberry DNA. It worked! Handy vials were given to everyone so we could carry around our blueberry DNA in our pockets.

Jonalu’s Journal — July 2019

This year’s UU General Assembly proclaimed and explored “the Power of We.”  Each year we gather as representatives of congregations to shape the work of our Unitarian Universalist Association.  This year, we took a step back to consider a larger perspective.  Who are we together? … read more.