Social Action Committee Meeting

The next meeting of the UUFM Social Action Committee will be Wednesday, July 2 at 7 pm at the UUFM Building.

The meeting will follow a potluck gathering of all UUFM at 6 pm.

We invite anyone interested in pursuing the justice values of Unitarian Universalism to attend and join in our efforts to act on our principles.

Information: contact Anne Cowan, Chair – 785-537-2025

Tour of Italy

We were delighted to have Katie Kingery-Page and daughter Ruby usher us all to Italy on Sunday! Their pictures were delightful. Students had fun using a variety of stickers to mark pictures that involved… food… travel… and more! We got to taste bread and talked about how some customs in Italy were the same as Kansas and how some were different. Click any picture […]

Jonalu’s Journal — August 2017

When you read this, I will likely be on vacation–headed back to West Virginia to revisit wonderful old haunts from decades ago. What will have changed? I wonder. What will still be the same?

In our memories, our old homes and hangouts never change. Or maybe they do, as our memories are rarely photographic and our minds are often unreliable on details. The house I […]

Tour of Backpacking in Wyoming

Katherine Colburn took us on a tour of backpacking. She taught everyone a few different ways to cross a river (we practiced the eddy method), showed us topo maps, gear, and more. We set up a tent, purified our water, made potato pearls (yum), and roasted marshmallows on a camp stove. Then we looked at spectacular pictures of places we could go if we […]

August 2017

UU WORLD TRAVELERS IS HERE! During our summer program all students meet together for class where guest “tour guides” from within the congregation lead students on all kinds of adventures. Our June tours have been wide ranging: Disc Golf, International Space Station, and Canoeing.

Here’s our August Schedule: August 6: Tour of Italy (Katie Kingery-Page) August 13: Tour of the Wooly Bee Farm (The Campbell […]

Water Park fun!

Summer family fun at the water park!


Tour of Saint Louis

Last Sunday Nick and Molly took everyone on a tour of Saint Louis. They talked about the importance of Saint Louis in river trade and the Gateway Arch and what it symbolizes. Then they talked about the Saint Louis City Museum (a must see for any family traveling through Saint Louis!) and watched a short go pro video about it and looked at some […]

Tour of Maps

On Sunday, Susan Adamchak took us on a tour of maps. LOTS of maps. She read a wonderful book called “My Map Book” by Sara Fanelli.

It had maps of the child’s bedroom, daily activities, family, and even the food in the child’s stomach! Susan gave everyone a map of Kansas and we found interesting markings showing where there are airports, parks, and […]

Tour of New York

New York, New York! A city so nice they named it twice.

Lily Colburn took us on a tour of New York – mostly New York City, but up state as well. We played New York Bingo (idea courtesy of Ken Embers) and took a break when we got to the bagel square! Yum. Somehow the cheesecake square was called last and everyone […]

Tour of Washington DC

On Sunday we enjoyed talking about Washington D.C. and the Declaration of Independence. Then we tried our hand at writing with a quill and learned that it was not that easy. And then it was on to fireworks. After lessons about striking matches and fire safety, we thoroughly enjoyed our sparklers and colorful smoke bombs.



Tour of Pillsbury Crossing

Many thanks to Larry Weaver and Dan Swenson for funding and hosting our annual canoe trip to Pillsbury Crossing. Many adults and children had a glorious time! We also had a great Family Fun Campout at the Fellowship the night before. What a fantastic weekend! Click on an image to start the slideshow.

All aboard!

Quick kayak lesson

Paddling into shore