Social Action Committee Meeting

The next meeting of the UUFM Social Action Committee will be Wednesday, July 2 at 7 pm at the UUFM Building.

The meeting will follow a potluck gathering of all UUFM at 6 pm.

We invite anyone interested in pursuing the justice values of Unitarian Universalism to attend and join in our efforts to act on our principles.

Information: contact Anne Cowan, Chair – 785-537-2025

Law Board Testimony

Here is what I said to the Riley County Law Board (the group that oversees the Riley County Police Department) as a part of the testimony by the Coalition for Equal Justice on Monday, October 16:

On behalf of the Coalition for Equal Justice, I want to thank the Law Board for your patience and willingness to hear what we have to say.

I want […]

Join the Peace Movement

Two workshops that may be of interest to our youth – October 21: Calling All Peace Warriors (9th-12th graders) Are you one of those teens or do you know a teen who hears the call to step up and stand for peace? Now is the time to answer that call. The world needs us, all of us, to be the peace we want to see […]

Audio Archive, Oct. 1 — Courage to Go Deep: Leaning into Vulnerability

Traditionally, we see courage as an outward virtue — facing down foes, defending challenged principles. First, though, there must be a center from rise. The first step in courage is facing our vulnerabilities, so our courage is not bravado or ego, but we are acting out of our full authentic selves. How do we face our real helplessness and liabilities in order to grow […]

Jonalu’s Journal – October 2017

In these times of political uproar and justifiable anger and fear, we don’t want to lose track of the need for connection and centering, what I would call a spiritual connection. Why? Because without that, we too easily become lost in drives, emotions, and ego, marooned from our authentic selves and disconnected from the larger world around us.

Often I’ve heard reservations and questions raised […]

Audio Archive, Sept. 24 — Welcome Home: Rediscovering Heritage

As Jews celebrate their High Holy Days, we are all invited to immerse ourselves in home and rediscover the heritage and cultures that shape us. That way we can share our different ideas of home and embrace one another’s cultures. Rev. Jonalu Johnstone is our speaker. Our convener is Tom Phillips.

October 2017

CLASSES We’ll continue to use themes this year as each class explores its curriculum, but we’re switching things up a bit in the elementary classes. Rather than continuing with our three year rotation between UUism, Jewish and Christian Heritage, and World Religions, we’re dividing the whole year into quarters and each topic will consume a quarter. The fourth quarter will be our summer program.

By […]

Support for the Dreamers

This is the letter I sent to The Mercury, on behalf of Manhattan Alliance for Peace and Justice (MAPJ) on September 8. It remains relevant.

To the Editor:

I went to the Wednesday protest at Bosco Plaza of President Trump’s rescission of DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. We heard so many dreams in that circle of college students, dreams that could be easily dashed. […]

Audio Archive, Sept. 17 — Welcome in the Universe

Some traditions frame the universe as over and against humanity. Another way of looking at the world is welcoming us as a natural part of the universe, working in harmony with nature. How can we feel at home in the cosmos? Rev. Jonalu Johnstone is our speaker. Our convener is Dave Lambert.

Audio Archive, Sept. 10 — Musicale XVI

This morning’s service is our Sixteenth Musicale. Our convener is Jonalu Johnstone.

Welcome Back Party

Welcome back to everyone! We hope you enjoyed your summer adventures! We celebrated our return with a party and started with our favorite, “pin the flame on the chalice”. The bounce house was tons of fun, and we worked up such a sweat that everyone was begging to be in the sponge toss and have the sponges tossed directly at them – the wetter the […]